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Project Managment System for Interior Designers


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My task was to create an innovative system that will serve Holomax's clients with their projects and creating a better way of working together.


Holomax's clients are Interior Designers and Architects, who are technologicaly uninclined & struggle with digitization, thus operate with an old fashion way of work- causing a lot of frustration and time wasted.

User research

User's interviews

Firstly I wanted to understand what are the specific needs of the users - so I conducted 15 interviews with Interior Designers and Architects.
My research revealed that they need a system for organizing their projects into one place.
This will be a "life changer" for them, as today everything is done over Email and phone calls.

What I asked

  • How do you obtain project's status, info and media?

  • How do you book a new project?

  • How do you manage your project's info and media?

  • Do you have any difficulties with administrating your projects?

  • How long does it take you to find a specific file?

  • If you could add a "feature" to your day-to-day operation, what would it be?

  • Why don't you use existing platforms such as Monday.com, Jira, etc.?

Derived Features

Project status

Due to tight schedules, it's essential to know how the project is progressing

No more Emails

It's time to say goodbye to endless email threads and cluttered desktops

New orders

With one click, you can order new projects without wasting time on phone calls

Simple and Specific

Intuitive UX design, specifically made for the technology uninclined Interior Designers

Holomax CRM

Meet Meytal

Meytal is a 37 years-old Interior Designer, based in Kfar Saba, with her husband and their 3 kids.

She became an Interior designer following a long career as an accountant.
She realised her passion is designing and creative work with people & homes, rather than with spreadsheets.

Holomax CRM
Competitive analysis
Holomax CRM

There exists several companies offering information/business managment platforms: Monday.com, Jira, Basecamp, Notion and more.

Monday.com is the leading platform for managing your business in the digital age - offering all sorts of work-related templates to serve your day-to-day operations - these templates can be custom made or bought from their marketplace.

My analysis shows that these platforms are widely used with great statisfaction but are too big with too many various features and options, requiring complex tinkering and technological skills alongside time&effort.

Therefore, Holomax's clients failed to make use and defaulted to old school work habits.

Information Architecture
Holomax CRM

IA map


Low fidelity Wireframes

Final design
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